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About Dragonfly Maternity

Cher Compton
Founder and Community Builder
Dragonfly Maternity

As founder of Dragonfly Maternity, I'm passionate about supporting moms and families, and am committed to doing so through a wide range of areas -- from fitness and affordable fashion, to resources that connect moms with local small businesses offering support for families. After having kids of my own, I realized a few things about motherhood: how expensive it is to build one's maternity wardrobe for a short period of time!; how isolating life can be as a new mom through the ups & downs of caring for a newborn; and how important community + fitness truly are for moms during this transitional time in their life, which in turn effects families as a whole.

During my pregnancy with my first son over a decade ago, I wanted to keep my sense of style but found it challenging to find affordable maternity clothing. Being a second-hand shopper for many years, I naturally started looking in this area for my changing wardrobe; and while I did find some great items, I considered it a market that could expand in Calgary. I saw an opportunity to create a space where mamas-to-be could find a large selection of good quality, affordable gently-used maternity clothes and have the ability to try on these items in a comfortable, accessible environment. Wanting to create this experience for other moms is where it all began, starting the retail side of Dragonfly Maternity with a focus on gently-used maternity and nursing clothes.

Deciding to bring in the fitness and well-being components felt like a natural progression to this venture. My journey into the practice of yoga started back in high school, and by 2007 it had become part of my weekly routine. My practice evolved in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first son -- I discovered a deeper connection with my baby-bump when I came to my mat. Prenatal yoga strengthened the bond between babe and I, and better prepared me for labor & delivery, which enlightened me on the benefits of this style of yoga. Since then, I have embraced yoga through life's ups & downs as it always has a way of bringing balance and harmony to my life. In 2015, an epic journey to Peru for a yoga retreat was the catalyst for my personal desire to become a yoga teacher, so that I could share these benefits with others. I completed my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, 85-hr Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Training, 50-hr Kids Yoga Training, 30-hr Yin Yoga Training, and most recently a 108hr Yogini Path Immersion to dive even deeper. Am always looking for ways to deepen my practice through other workshops, courses, and classes. I bring in a philosophical element to my guided sessions, as I truly believe yoga unites us on a level that surpasses the physical sense. I love being in a space filled with the positive energy of other yogis, and am passionate about creating that space within the community here.

Adding to this, I also saw an opportunity to bring in other areas of resources for families while supporting fellow entrepreneurs here in Calgary. Sharing the space with those who can offer workshops, events, group sessions, and one-on-one consultations makes this community even stronger!

Dragonfly Maternity is a place where moms can connect and families can bond in a supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment. A mantra that I live by:
"We rise by lifting others."
~ Robert Ingersoll

I look forward to continually building this community with all who wish to be part of it! If this resonates with you, please do drop me a note or call to connect. :)

Enjoy the journey!



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