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Calgary Drop-in Centre "Free Goods Program" - Funded by the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the Free Goods Program provides lightly used goods (such as furniture, kitchenware, clothing, computers, mobile phones, small appliances, books, and more) to low- and no-income Calgarians who are building a life for themselves and their family. Dragonfly Maternity partnered with the "Free Goods Program" as a central collection centre of Winter wear for women, men, and kids during the colder months; all items are regularly delivered up to the Donation Centre in NE Calgary. 
Mamas for Mamas Calgary - created to help fill the gaps in our city for the many families that struggle day after day, assisting all kinds of families in need from every walk of life. Dragonfly Maternity provides maternity & nursing clothes donations and wellness services to the Mamas for Mamas community, and is a local drop-off centre for donation items such as diapers and infant formula.
Her Victory Outreach - HER Victory (under the support of the Victory Outreach Foundation) works directly with girls and women who are impacted by and/or presently being sexually exploited, are a victim of domestic violence, or fleeing crisis. Dragonfly Maternity provides maternity & nursing clothes donations to help support pregnant females in the Her Victory program. 
Emma House - A safe and supportive transitional housing program for expectant mothers ages 12+ who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness within Calgary and surrounding area.  Emma House is dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness among pregnant women/youth and to equip their residents with the resources to build sustainable futures for themselves and their new babies.
Dragonfly Maternity provides non-perishable food, public transport passes, clothing, and financial donations to help support the mamas at Emma House.
Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre - a non-profit agency offering a variety of resources and support for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. Dragonfly Maternity provides maternity & nursing clothes and non-perishable food items to help support this community of parents in need.
UNICEF - a non-profit humanitarian organization focusing on saving children’s lives around the globe.
Dragonfly Maternity is a monthly financial donor.

Non-profit charities that we support...