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Dragonfly Maternity

The meaning, the community, and how it all began...

"We rise by lifting others."

~ Robert Ingersoll

Dragonfly Maternity is a place where moms can connect and families can bond in a supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment.
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People often ask...

What's the story behind - "Dragonfly"?

... I love answering this question, as it has a special meaning to me. I've always been drawn to dragonflies; their beautiful, intricate, delicate yet strong composition. My journey into motherhood had its "ups & downs", as we all do as women into motherhood in our own unique ways (for a bit about my story, you can watch my interview on the Luscious Living channel here)... it was filled with love, joy, and happiness... as well as fear, anxiety, and isolation. Becoming a mother is one of the hardest yet most rewarding, fulfilling, and blissful aspects of life that I have ever embraced. When I learned that dragonflies symbolize growth + transformation, it felt like a beautiful symbol for representing the maternal transition that I went through, as well as representing the purpose that I feel I'm here to embody: connecting women through motherhood and supporting that path of transformation, growth and healing.

As founder of Dragonfly Maternity, it continues to be an honor to serve this community and to see our circle expanding through a wide range of areas -- from fitness, affordable fashion and locally-created products, to educational resources, community events and wellness retreats.

Where it all started...

After having kids of my own, I realized a few things about motherhood: how expensive it is to build one's maternity wardrobe for a short period of time!; how isolating life can be as a new mom through the ups & downs of caring for a newborn; and how important community, fitness + well-being truly are for moms during this transitional time in their life, which in turn effects families as a whole.

The idea for Dragonfly all started during my pregnancy with my first son fifteen years ago. I wanted to keep my sense of style but found it challenging to find affordable maternity clothing (and working downtown at the time, resulted in an expensive wardrobe update for those several months!) While I did eventually find a few great second-hand items, I ended up spending a lot on new clothing; therefor the maternity consignment option appeared to be a market that could expand in Calgary. I saw an opportunity to create a space where mamas-to-be could find a selection of good quality, affordable gently-used maternity clothes and have the ability to try on these items in a comfortable, accessible environment.


Bringing in the fitness and well-being components was a natural progression that followed soon after deciding to dive into this entrepreneurial adventure (read more about my journey into yoga here). As I connected in conversation with more mamas, I saw the commonalities of our challenges through parenthood, and saw that these genuine connection points were instrumental for overall well-being -- my mom tribe was definitely a sanity-saver for me in that first year of mat-leave, and they continue to be so through these evolving stages of parenthood!

Our growing community

As our presence has expanded over the years, I'm grateful for the collaborations that have formed within our space here through educational workshops, wellness retreats and community events, as well as other partnerships with fellow entrepreneurs and practitioners here in Calgary and southern Alberta. Connecting our circles makes this community even stronger.

I look forward to continually building Dragonfly's offering to the maternal community with aligned individuals. If this resonates with you, please do drop me a note or call to connect.

Enjoy the journey!


Cher Compton

Founder + Community Builder

Dragonfly Maternity


2104 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 2T3


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