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Dragonfly Maternity is located in the north central community of Tuxedo Park, at 2104 Centre Street NE. 


Free street parking is available all around the area; often directly on Centre Street in front of the shop (watch the rush hour signs on weekdays!)
20 Ave always has free parking, and the NorthWest intersection of 20 Ave & Ctr tends to be open.


Directly on Route 3, we're an easy commute North or South bound along Centre Street, and a short walk from the 301 at Centre & 16th Ave N.
Route 3 bus stops South bound on 22nd Ave & Centre; and North bound on 19th Ave & Centre.

Retail hours:
• Tuesday:        10am - 6pm

• Wednesday:  10am - 6pm

• Thursday:      10am - 7pm *open late!

• Friday:            10am - 6pm

• Saturday:       11am - 6pm


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