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Consigning Items

Do you have gently-used maternity, nursing clothing or accessories (prenatal/ postnatal support bands, baby carriers, diaper bags, nursing pillows) that you're ready to part with? We consign previously-loved maternity & nursing items and give them a second life!

​In-takes are by appointment only; kindly use our online tool located above to book, and then come by any time during retail hours on the scheduled day to drop off your items.

Consignment items go through our complete inspection process (*not* same-day / on the spot), and are reviewed for quality, style, condition, and trend. As per industry standard for second-hand items, our inventory is priced to sell at about half of the original retail value, based on condition and trend.

Our Promise to You
We maintain a high level of quality for the benefit of our customers; and that being said, we do take items that could benefit from a little TLC… our team is passionate about keeping textiles out of the landfill AND getting you a financial return for your previously-loved items. If there are minor fixes, part of the service that we provide is tending to reasonable wear & tear (de-fuzzing pilled areas, mending small holes & seams, repairing minor snags, fixing buttons & closures). We believe gently-used maternity items can have alot of life in them, and a little effort goes a long way!


In-take requirements:

  • Items must be freshly-laundered. At our discretion, if your items are not “rack-ready” and require full laundering (any odors, washable marks, pet hair, etc), we charge a laundering fee of $1 per item, which is deducted from your pay-out. 

  • If an item is "dry-clean only" ensure the receipt is attached to show recent cleaning services. If items labelled as such have not been dry-cleaned and therefor Dragonfly Maternity is to outsource this service, the applicable dry-cleaning fee will be deducted from your pay-out.

  • 50-item maximum per in-take -- due to the high volume we receive, kindly limit your bundle to your best 50 or less! Many of our consignors book 2-3 appointments, based on our seasonal guidelines.

  • Kindly keep your in-take bundle seasonally focused:
    - Summer-wear in March through July (in-takes closed in August)
    - Winter-wear in September through January (in-takes closed in February)
    - All-seasons wear (t-shirts, pants, full-length dresses) can be brought in all year round.
    Our boutique is a small space, therefor we don’t store large bundles of off-season clothing. 

  • Inspect your items to ensure they are free of non-washable stains and irreparable damage. 

  • Please no hangers. We prefer that you have your items neatly folded in a bin or box.


Turnaround time
We strive for 1-2 week turnaround for our curating & selection process of in-takes; however it could be longer depending on how many items you bring in, previous in-takes that we may be processing at the time, and seasonal shifts that we may be working through. Following review, we will contact you via email to set up your consignor account and notify of any pass-on’s.


Option #1: Consignment terms: receive 30% of the selling price once the item sells (pay-outs are done via e-transfer on a quarterly basis -- in the months of January, April, July, October -- for items that have sold in the previous quarter. See below for details.*)


Option #2: Store credit terms: Alternatively, you can set up store credit with us and receive 50% store credit once the items sell. Credit can be used towards retail products at our shop and fitness memberships with our studio (some exceptions may apply).

For any items that we decline following the selection process, you have the option to pick up within 2 weeks time, as our storage space is limited at the shop. Unless otherwise arranged with our team, we will include passed-on items with the regular donations that we provide to Mamas for Mamas Calgary, the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, Emma House, and Her Victory; four local non-profit organizations that provide resources to pregnant women in need.

Please note:

  • A consignor account is set up online to keep track of the status of your items. Pay-outs are sent via e-transfer on a quarterly schedule in the months of January, April, July, and October, for items that have sold during the previous quarter. Any balances below $20.00 will be held until the next pay-out cycle, unless it is the final balance to close the account.

  • Following your in-take review, details are sent via email to set up your vendor consignment account online. From there, you can sign in at any time to check the status of your account, including what we accepted for inventory and any upcoming payouts you may have.

  • Our inventory is typically refreshed each season, with sales happening through the year. Sale items are chosen at our discretion. 

  • Any items removed from the racks at the end of the season, we will notify you that your items are available for pick-up; or, you can choose to have the items donated as noted above. Upon notification, you have 2 weeks to come pick up your items. Otherwise, we reserve the right to donate any unclaimed items after 2 weeks time.

  • Dragonfly Maternity is not responsible for theft or damage of items while in-store.

For details on location and retail hours, visit our Clothing page here. To view our current inventory, visit our Online Store here.

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