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Cher Compton

200hr YTT, 85hr Prenatal YTT,
30hr Yin YTT, 50hr Kids YTT,
108hr Yogini Path Immersion

"My journey into yoga awkwardly started back in high school when my friend and I came across her mom's fitness DVDs (this was back in the '90s) and we had no idea what we were doing! However, over the years I started attending classes at various studios and began to feel the benefits for my physical and mental health. By 2007 it had become part of my weekly routine; and my practice evolved in 2008 when I was pregnant with my first son -- I discovered a deeper connection with my baby and my changing body when I came to my mat. Prenatal yoga strengthened the bond between my son and I, and better prepared me for labor & delivery, which enlightened me on the benefits of this style of yoga.


Since then, I have embraced yoga through life's ups & downs as it always has a way of bringing harmony + flow to my life and connects me to my true Self. In 2015, an epic journey to Peru for a yoga retreat was the catalyst for my personal desire to become a yoga teacher, so that I could share these benefits with others. I completed my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training back in 2016; and in the years that followed, I continued to dive deeper through an 85-hr Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Training, 50-hr Kids Yoga Training, 30-hr Yin Yoga Training, and 108hr Yogini Path Immersion.

Always a student, I continue to seek ways to expand my practice through workshops, courses, and maintaining a daily yoga + meditation practice. Each moment is an opportunity to learn, when we keep our minds + hearts open and connected to Divine Source. I bring in philosophical + spiritual elements to my guided sessions, as I truly believe yoga unites us on a level that surpasses the physical realm.


Drawn to the Earth elements I cue postures with reference to nature, and I prefer being outdoors whenever possible -- both on my mat and off, in daily living. I love being in spaces filled with the positive energy of other yogis, and am passionate about holding that space for others in the world."

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2104 Centre Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 2T3


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