Fitness classes

Important update:
After heartfelt processing following the most recent provincial restrictions, we landed on an operational strategy that follows the new government regulations and also accommodates the diverse range of opinions & choices within our valued community of students and fitness instructors. We respect each individuals’ rights and beliefs regarding vaccines, and the comfort-levels for engagement with others. 

With this, we have work with our team and have come up with a hybrid schedule for our studio. You will now see various options on our online booking schedule — some classes are available exclusively online, whereas others will be offered both online as well as in-studio.

In-studio classes

At this point in time, all in-studio classes will require that students and teachers are inclusively following the current Alberta requirements around vaccination, which will be outlined below in further detail for clarity. 

Online classes

For those students that choose not to vaccinate, and/or are more comfortable to participate online from their own home, we will continue to broadcast our classes via Zoom and stay connected in the virtual realm. 

We do recognize that this may exclude certain students from coming into our studio at this time (if not: vaccinated, proof of negative test result, or medically exempt). Unfortunately this is the reality that the government has put us in for running a business through these provincial restrictions. We do hope that the continuation of connection through our online community offers valuable support for those who wish to connect with us; and we also hope these provincial restrictions shift in time as the dynamics of this pandemic settle. 

We will continue serving our community to the best of our ability so that all have support + connection in a way that honours individual choice. And we will continue to hold space for compassion, love and peace through these challenging times of segregation and isolation.
We ask that any conversations both within our space and within our online platforms remain respectful regarding these controversial and sensitive topics of today, as we wish to honour the diverse range of believes + values in our community. We truly believe that mental & emotional health are equally as important as physical health, and we are here to support our tribe of mamas, babes, and families.

Read below for full details, or click on these quick links below:

• Studio schedule

• Online class protocol

• In-studio protocol

Vaccination info

• Registration process

• Contact us

In-studio participation -- verification of vaccination:

Alberta requirements regarding vaccination for indoor group fitness classes states that:

People ages 12 and older are to provide the following:

  • proof of vaccination, or

  • proof of a privately-paid negative rapid test result taken within 72 hours of service, or

  • documentation of a medical exemption

The above can be emailed to us ahead of time to or brought to class for our teachers to verify prior to the session and document on your account. 


Become a member and experience a variety of benefits from this inclusive community! Join us to stay connected, keeping our bodies healthy and our minds & hearts supported ❤️

We look forward to seeing you on your mats!

Individual drop-in passes are still an option as well, if that suits you best! See online booking page for details.

Our studio schedule includes the following classes:


  • 10am: Strong Mama Fitness
  • 12pm: Gentle Flow Yoga 

  • 130pm: Mom & Baby Yoga

  • 7pm: Prenatal Yoga 


  • 7pm: Heart & Hip Release Yoga


  • Once a month, first Wednesday at 7pm: Yin+ Vin Community Night


  • 745pm: Yang Yin Yoga 



  • 945am: Prenatal Yoga

  • 1pm: "Yoga in the Park" (beginning of June through end of September)

  • Sessions open 20mins before the class begins. 

  • Sign up is required a minimum of 5 minutes prior to class start time, to ensure everyone is ready to begin on time. Any attempts to register less than 5 minutes prior to class will unfortunately not be able to gain access through our booking system. See below for sign up requirements


In-studio Class Protocol:

  • At this time, under the provincial restrictions our in-person classes require that everyone in attendance for class is vaccinated, as per the above information (click here for details).

  • Studio is open 20mins in advance, please allow yourself the time to provide any required paperwork to our teachers prior to class, and settle into the space so that class can start on-time. This is also a wonderful time to connect with others in the community, and chat with the teacher about any requests / questions you may have.

  • We provide all props (including yoga mats!) at our studio, and all props are fully sanitized after every class so that they are ready for the next group. Alternatively, you can bring your own props if you wish. 

  • Our studio staff sanitize all high-touch areas (including mopping the floor) before every class. A hand-sanitizing and wash station is provided for all students. 

Virtual Online Class Protocol:

  • Live sessions on Zoom allow for socializing before we begin our practice. Our teachers will be available for questions prior to class, and this is also a chance for our community to connect amongst each other before the class begins.

  • Please be respectful of class start times and honour fellow participants by turning your audio & video off once the class begins. (Video off helps improve the internet streaming for everyone! We also record our classes for our member library, therefor video-off is required to focus on the teacher guiding the class during the session time.)

  • If you are joining via a mobile device, you may need to check that your audio output is changed from 'phone' to 'speaker' so that it outputs the sound at a louder volume. 

Registration is required prior to class!

Sign up online via our "Book online" page by clicking here, or you can also download our app via "Spaces by Wix" (download our app by clicking here)

In-studio registration: Be sure to select the class type indicating "[class style] - in-studio class" (as opposed to the "[class style] - virtual live class") -- this will ensure that you have a spot reserved in our studio.

Virtual online registration: We broadcast via Zoom for our virtual classes. Be sure to select the class type indicating "[class style] - virtual live class" (as opposed to the "[class style] - in-studio class") -- this will ensure that you receive the required Zoom link to join in online. See above details for online class protocol.

Upon signing up for a Virtual online class, you will be sent a direct access link to join in. Once you arrive in Zoom, the teacher will allow access to those who have registered in our online system -- be sure to sign up here first! For this reason, please use your full first & last name when you are signing up, as we cross-reference this for admitting participants in Zoom.
Note: registration closes 5mins before class time.   

Any questions, feel free to call us at 587.316.0822 or email and we'll do our best to help you out in a timely manner. Kindly understand that our teachers have limited access to technical support and are focused on engaging with students in attendance prior to class time. Best to plan well in advance! 


Please note:

By participating in our fitness classes, you assume full responsibility for your own health and well-being. Our instructors guide and assist your fitness journey, and we welcome questions in our fitness sessions. With that, we always encourage our participants to listen to your body as you know yourself best. Particularly in the prenatal & postnatal stages we recommend that participants consult with their healthcare professional for medical advice.