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Thanks for reaching out to us about our podcast. We're so looking forward to including you as a guest on our show.

Read below to learn more and to schedule an online interview with our host, Cher Compton.

Through our unique journeys, there are common bonds that unite us in motherhood. We truly believe it can be a powerful part of the healing process to share our stories... healing for Self and for others. We'll be interviewing mamas from all walks of life, as they share about their pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting chapters of life.

These stories will be curated to share with our community via podcast platforms in audio form, as well as our YouTube channel for full video format.

If you're arriving on this page, it means that our team has received your preliminary info and we're ready to book an online interview with you!


How it works:

Interviews are held exclusively online via Zoom, booked in 45min timeslots, which includes a bit of off-camera time to ground in before the interview begins. While we do cover some specific areas, interviews are casual and conversational. (If you would like to review a list of potential questions that may be covered, scroll down to the questions at the bottom of this page!) 
Once you've reviewed the below requirements, cli
ck the "Book Now" button below to select your date & time for an interview with our host.


For the best experience, interviewees are required to prepare themselves as follows:

  • dedicated + stable internet connection

  • good lighting

  • presentable conditions for audio and video

  • quiet space, free of interruptions to the best of your ability!

Content timelines

Following the recording, our crew edits and prepares content for our online platforms to share with our community! Currently, we are striving to launch new content bi-weekly; however there are no guarantees on when your interview will go live. We're working with a large pool of individuals, and our small + mighty team will be navigating through the process as we see best fit for our scheduling timelines.
Want to know when your spotlight is scheduled to launch? Give us a c
all us to inquire on a status update!

Consent Policy

Please be advised: our podcast interviews are recorded for the purpose of sharing publicly. We do not send out content for review in the editing process. As we aim to shine our interviewees in their best light, the Dragonfly editing team reserves the right for content creation at our discretion. By booking an interview with us, you consent to have any information that you share in the interview, shared publicly on our communication platforms.


Give us a call at 587-316-0822 and we'd be happy to chat with you about the process!

  • Available Online

    Be sure to read the Consent Policy above prior to booking your intervi...

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    45 min

What will we be covering?

Here's a list of potential questions that we may go over in the interview...

  • A brief introduction and a bit about yourself outside of motherhood

  • What was your experience leading up to becoming pregnant?

  • Did you have a midwife or doula?

  • Hospital or home birth? Or somewhere else?!

  • How did the labor & delivery process actually begin for you – naturally with water breaking, induction, doing activity… middle of the day, in the night, etc

  • Do you recall how long the childbirth experience was, as far as a timeline duration?

  • What emotions came up for you through the childbirth experience?

  • How would you say you felt through your pregnancy – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

  • Describe the emotions that you felt when you first saw your babe Earth-side…

  • What stage of motherhood are you at now, and what would you say is the biggest change from your past self (before kids) to where you are at now, as a person?

  • Have you ever heard from your mother about your own birth story? Would you care to share?

We look forward to connecting with you!

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